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Noni Sports Pádel, your club in Lanzarote.


Competition teams, padel Academy and event management.


Padel courts in Arrecife (can't be rented) with free parking next to the entry.


Enjoy a fun and healthy sport, easy to play from day one.

Lanzarote Academy prices *

                             Once a week  Twice a week

Adults (2-4 players)    50€/month   83€/month

Kids (3-6 players)      45€/month   67€/month


* Price per player. 1 hour classes. Taxes included.

   Kids up to 15. 10% discount for Arrecife residents.


Single session 22€

Noni Cullell

Spanish Padel Federation qualified trainer.


Official padel referee.


President and founder of Noni Sports Pádel club.


More than 20 years of training experience.

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